Eros releases us into the realm of divine imagination, where one can explore the labyrinthine paths of their unknown depths.

Dark Venus is a tribute to love's dark depths, where our unearthly desires and longings are given a place of honor, rather than hidden by the necessities of pragmatic, sanitized life and social convention. Only when love's shadow is given a space to present itself, can we begin to respect our complexity and come into our own power. 

The depths of your hero's journey depends on what boundaries are pushed. Create space for love's dark depths, and you will come to realize its brilliant heights. Join us.


Address to our private black box theater in Brooklyn will be provided to ticket holders only.


  • GENERAL ADMISSION: 10:30 PM Doors 
  • SALON ADMISSION: 9 PM - Introduction to BDSM
  • Photo ID Required 21+
  • Strict Fetish/Fantasy Dress Code. If unsure, wear formal evening attire. 


  • Photography is forbidden for the privacy of our guests. 
  • Risk-Aware Consensual Kink will be enforced. We practice explicit consent. 
  • Hard limits are to be respected. RED is a default safe word. 
  • Drink responsibly. Anyone who seems intoxicated in any way will be asked to leave. 
  • Never touch anyone or their belongings without permission. If you are curious, magical things can happen when you ASK for what you want. 
  • Do not involve yourself in a scene or power exchange without an invitation. 
  • Dungeon monitors are present for your safety and questions, and not obligated to play or dispense the whipping you so rightly deserve. 


  • Educators and experienced players will wear a WHITE bracelet. 
  • Participating submissives can request a BLUE cuff at the door to signify their availability to be of service to a scene, perform tasks, and any other agreed-upon activity. There is no expectation to perform, and the cuff can be removed at any time.
  • A PINK bracelet indicates a top or switch that is looking to play. Don both colors to signal a SWITCH.Bracelets may be requested from a maid, or at the door.